Raspberry jam


We now know that we are simply incapable of following a canning or jamming recipe. Oh well.

We looked around online for ideas, consulted Putting Food By, and asked our Facebook friends. All said we could forgo pectin if we could be happy with a runnier preserve. But Putting Food By said that some lemon juice in will help low acid fruits gel. So, here’s the don’t-follow-this-recipe-yet recipe:

22 cups whole, uncrushed raspberries (it cooked down to a lot less volume than this)
5 cups sugar
3 tablespoons lemon juice

The recipes we looked at were calling, for, like, a one to one ratio of fruit to sugar! That just wasn’t going to happen. It’s super sweet with just the five cups.

There was one jar that wasn’t quite filled, and so didn’t get processed. But as it’s cooling, it’s gelling up. So, fingers crossed…



  1. The reason for the sugar is two fold, one it helps the pectin set, and two it inhibits bacterial growth, I’d be wary of storing low sugar jams un refrigerated.
    Also, I’d recomend using a food mill, to help remove some of the seeds, you can’t remove them all, but you can make it much less seedy.
    Looks great none the less.

  2. I cannot attest for the success of this, but you might want to try adding in the lemon peel in place of pectin sometime. I found the idea on Working Class Foodies here: http://www.hungrynation.tv/wcfoodies/episode/WCF_20100607/summer-fruit-preserves but I haven’t tried it out yet.

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