Cheese, the tasting.

WHAT: 3rd Annual Local Cheese Tasting
WHEN: Sunday, Aug 8 from 3-5ish
WHERE: The Growing Center, 22 Vinal Ave, Somerville
COST: Free, but we welcome a small donation to help cover our costs

Three summers ago we were doing some volunteer weeding at the Growing Center when we met Lisa Brukilacchio, a board member and founding organizer of this sweet little garden space in Somerville.

We had just launched this site and were relatively new to the area and somehow it got proposed that it might be fun for us to organize an event with the Growing Center, to amplify what we were doing and meet more like-minded folks. And in a couple of weeks, we were hosting a cheese tasting.

We’d never done this sort of thing before and it was kind of a spectacular turnout for us, who didn’t really know anybody then, and for the nascent local food scene, which had been gaining steam for years, of course, but was certainly gaining momentum by some confluence of food scares, Michael Pollan books and growth in farmers markets.

About 50 people showed up, snacked on cheese and introduced themselves to strangers. We met people that night who have become some of our closest friends and best allies. It was a lovely evening. We’re still grateful to everyone who showed up that year, as well as last year — which was just as lovely — and to the Growing Center for continuing to partner with us and providing such a warm space.

We’re continuing the tradition for the third straight year now. We promise, we’re slightly more organized and we’ve got several new types of cheese to share. We’ve got a special celebrity guest: Matt from the cheese counter at Sherman Market!

Over the course of the week we’ll be finalizing the stars of this year’s tasting, but for certain, you can count on seeing stuff from these generous producers:

-Crystal Brook (Australian ginger goat cheese)
-Foxboro Cheese (lemon honey fromage blanc)
-Narrangansett (feta or ricotta)
-Cabot (cloth bound, private stock and vintage choice cheddars)
-Fiore di Nonno (mozzarella)
-Shy Bros Farm (Hannahbells and cloumage)

also probably stuff from…
-Jasper Hill
-Vermont Shepard

See. You. There.


  1. I’m coming! I’m coming! This is going to be my first local food event since I moved to the city 11 months ago - I am excited!

  2. Shawn Westendorf

    yum. yes please and thank you.

  3. NOM! Thanks for the nice event today! I was a little obsessed with the creamy creamy cheese w/ nutella. Yum, yum, yum!

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