Attention Davis Sq. area yogurt and community-lovers

We got an email that might interest you recently. It’s an interesting idea. If you want to email with Sam, the organizer, drop us a line at info at and we’ll hook you up with his contact info:

One quart of homemade yogurt per week for only $2!

I am seeking members for a Davis Sq. based yogurt making coop. Members will receive a weekly supply of home-made yogurt with a minimum of cost and effort by sharing the work among the whole group. Additional benefits include reducing waste by using only reusable glass bottles for milk delivery and yogurt production, learning to make yogurt, a shared community around making food and a model for an expanded cooking coop.

The initial yogurt coop will offer twelve shares. Each share will receive one quart of yogurt per week and require four nights of yogurt making per year at a shared kitchen. The cost per share will be approximately $96 or $2 per quart. Note that this only accounts for 48 weeks, due to a variety of limitations such as keeping the math simple and the size of the canning pots.

Please let me know if you are interested and feel free to forward this message.


  1. I’m interested! I live near Davis and this sounds like an awesome idea! Count me in!

  2. I’d be interested!

  3. i’m interested - where can i find contact information listed to follow-up about this? thanks!

  4. Shawn Westendorf

    I am interested! Could we make whey a part of this too?


  5. I am definitely interested! Can you please give me the info?

  6. Hi All, I’m sorry to just be getting to this. There was an overwhelming response, and the organizer had capped it at 12. But if you’d like to drop him a line in case others drop out, email him here: .

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