Cheese, the wrap up.


Thanks folks for the tremendous turnout at this year’s tasting. By 4:30, there were well over 100 of you hanging out in the Growing Center — a bit more than we anticipated, so our apologies for those of you who came later and missed out on a few.

Here’s this year’s lineup! Please support these talented and generous cheesemakers by visiting these shoppes, the best places to buy local cheese in the area: Sherman Market, Formaggio Kitchen, Central Bottle, Harvest Co-op, Dave’s Fresh Pasta, Dairy Bar@Kick Ass Cupcakes, City Feed and Supply and Don Otto’s Market.

Cheese Tasting 2010
–starring –

Cabot Clothbound -— An approachable but sophisticated cheddar aged in the magical caves at Jasper Hill in Greesnboro, Vt.

Cabot Vintage Choice — An extra sharp cheese made with cow’s milk and aged up to 24 months in the Cabot caves.

Cabot Private Stock — Cabot’s smoothest, most even cheddar. Smooth maybe to a fault.

Crystal Brook Chevre — A mild chevre from a herd of very happy goats in Sterling, Mass.

Crystal Brook Australian Ginger — See above, and add some zing. Yes, that’s ginger from Australia!

Fiore di Nonno Mozzarella — Made fresh daily here in Somerville with cow’s milk from farms in upstate New York and Mass.

Foxboro Cheese Fromage Blanc — A soft, creamy cheese made with pasteurized milk in the shadow of Gillette Stadium, flavored with honey and lemon.

Narrangansett Feta — A tangy, “old world” style feta that’s gently brined in sea salt, made from Rhode Island’s only cheese producer.

Narrangansett Ricotta — A kettle-heated, hand-dipped and absolutely divine ricotta.

Jasper Hill’s Moses Sleeper — A rich, buttery cow’s cheese that’s been likened to a fresh glass of milk.

Shy Brothers Cloumage — A fresh lactic curd made with cow’s milk in Westport, Mass.

Shy Brothers Hannahbells — Tiny hand-made thimbles named for the Shy Brother’s mum, Hannah. (The Shy Bros. are two sets of fraternal twins. Seriously.)

Vermont Shepherd — An aged raw sheep’s cheese made only during pasture season, when the sheep graze on clover, grasses and wild herbs.

– and introducing –

Matt from Sherman Market — A semi-ripened man aging on the other side of the hill in Somerville. Very knowledgeable about cheese. The Sherman Market carries all kinds of regional goodies, and he’ll be sampling some of their cheeses today. Be sure to visit him.


  1. Sounds like an amazing event! Wish I could have been there to sample all the delicious and varied choices, some of which are favorites of mine, others I am eager to try. Kudos to the Boston Localvores team.

    Candace Karu
    Favorite Foodie
    Cabot Creamery Cooperative

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