The end.

Dear Everyone,

The time has come for us to retire this project. Bittersweetly. This is to say thank you for reading, coming out, arguing, sharing, drinking, pickling, and, of course, eating with us.

When we launched this in the summer of 2008, it was absolutely without any expectations. So every time we hosted an event and people turned out, we were  amazed. And every time we posted something that prompted a strong response, we were surprised someone was paying attention. It’s been incredibly instructive and satisfying and fun. We feel like we’ve learned a lot about grassroots organizing, the sway of collective knowledge and how technology can be used to build community IRL. (That’s in real life, LOL.)

Perhaps the biggest and best surprise was meeting a handful of people who became our closest and most wonderful friends. For this we are very, very grateful.

But we each have other areas of interest and other, more focused food projects to pursue. Kristi (says Darry) should be directing her brilliant anger at subverting the economic inequality she sees so keenly, and Darry (says Kristi) should be investing herself in the photography she enjoys and is sometimes good at. Also, we’re getting gay married next summer (!), and the preparations for this are another project entirely.

We are very proud of Boston Localvores. Sometimes we would fret about how we couldn’t say succinctly what exactly it was that we were, but in hindsight we believe that defying definition and convention was probably a good thing.

We plan to leave this site up for a little while longer, in a kind of virtual hibernation, while the information is still current.

Please continue to subvert the corporate industrial food complex by eating real, local food.


Kristi + Darry
September 2010


  1. This is very, very sad to me. You two played a critical role in the Boston food community. I hope somebody with the time and energy reaches out to you to ask to carry the torch forward from here.

    Good luck with everything!


  2. Sad to see you go, but best wishes to the both of you (and hope you have a wonderful wedding!)

  3. I have been a happy lurker on your site and have become much more local in my voring. Wishing you both the best with the wedding planning and for your life beyond. Thanks for your good work.

  4. It’s never really “the end” with what y’all do. It’s more like “the end…” “Thanks” doesn’t do justice to the justice you have fought for. Every little bit helps. We’re doing our best to insert what we’ve learned from you into our little lives and those lives around us out in Utah. Couldn’t have done any of it without you! EAT WELL AND SUBVERT!!!

  5. ack! i understand of course, but still a major change and loss. we wouldn’t know each other if not for the boston localvore community you built. thanks for that. (see you soon. xoxo)

  6. You guys have done amazing things, and I’m sure you’ve got more amazing in you. Keep up the good work, whatever work you choose, and know that you had a dramatic impact with Boston Localvores!


  7. I am really very sorry to hear this. I am one of your many never-posting, always-learning readers. I wish you could find your way to doing at least this blog on a reduced scale that would not be a burden and still allow you to explore other interests. But to every thing (and food crop) there is a season, and we wish you well.


  8. Yes, sad to see this come to an end, but thank you for all your insight and inspiration and research. I can’t count how many times I pointed someone toward Boston Localvores as a resource. Best wishes for future projects!

  9. Changes. Changes. I hope you don’t mind if I continue to update you on my pickling projects. :) Congrats to new opportunities.

  10. I am one of the lucky ones, because I know that I will continue to see you, and that you will continue to provide me with inspiration and great ideas. While that doesn’t take all of the sting out of the loss of writing that I love to read, it will have to comfort me best it can.
    Thank you for all the amazing things you do, and so much love

  11. Bummer. And Thanks. And Good luck with new and future endeavors.

    I’m just a random reader who, since starting reading here, has made many changes in our consumption habits. Eggs from our own chickens, dropped our summer CSA to grow our own, added a winter CSA, group purchasing our grains and honey to make it more afffordable to buy more local, etc. So thanks again. We are bettter off for you having shared your information and passion.

  12. Awhhh, you will be VERY VERY MIssed. But i wish you the best of luck with all that you do and hope to see you around the area! Thank you for all that you have done so far!

  13. Oh goodness! Your site was such a beacon for me when I moved here last year. I only attended one of the events (this year’s cheese tasting) and was feeling a little too shy to introduce myself…but it was lovely. So sorry to see you go, but good luck in the future in all that you do!

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